HR Athletics Supported Sports

The following sports programs are supported by HR Athletic Committee – generally by having a “coordinator” for the sport and helping with managing the financial collection and payments for the teams.  This isn’t an exclusive list – if a parent wants to start a team for a particular grade in a particular sport that currently isn’t supported, please contact the HRAC.

CYO SoccerCYO BasketballCYO Baseball
... Varsity Boys (7th & 8th grade)... Varsity Boys (7th & 8th grade)... Varsity Boys (7th & 8th grade)
... Varsity Girls (7th & 8th grade)... Varsity Girls (7th & 8th grade)... JV Boys (5th & 6th grade)
... JV Boys (5th & 6th grade)... JV Boys (5th & 6th grade)
... JV Girls (5th & 6th grade)... JV Girls (5th & 6th grade)CYO Softball
... Rookie Boys (3rd & 4th grade)... Rookie Boys (3rd & 4th grade)... Girls (grades vary on participation)
... Rookie Girls (3rd & 4th grade)... Rookie Girls (3rd & 4th grade)
... Cadet 2 Boys (2nd grade)... Intramural Boys & Girls (1st & 2nd grade)CYO Track & Field
... Cadet 2 Girls (2nd grade)... Basketball Clinic (K)... Co-Ed (grades 1st - 8th)
... Cadet 1 Co-Ed (1st grade)
... HR Soccer Clinic (ages 4-K)CheerleadingHR Soccer
... Girls (1st - 5th grade)... Cadet 2 Boys (2nd grade)
CYO Cross Country... Cadet 2 Girls (2nd grade)
... Co-Ed (grades 1st - 8th)... Cadet 1 Co-Ed (1st grade)
... HR Soccer Clinic Co-Ed (ages 4-K)
Flag Football
... Co-Ed (grades 2nd - 8th)

Please note, these are only the sports that HRAC directly helps – there are other sports that Holy Redeemer parish children participate in which include tackle football (Maplewood and Rockville leagues), Lacrosse (both boys & girls), Soccer (MSI), Basketball (Flames), and Baseball (B-CC).  If you are interested in coaching or helping organize teams for a particular sport, please contact HRAC to discuss.

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