Holy Redeemer Athletics

A History of Service & A Tradition of Excellence

The Holy Redeemer Athletic Program is in place to help teach our parish children the fundamentals of a sport, teamwork, discipline and camaraderie, all while having fun. Athletic participation and the lessons taught are a vital component of a child’s growing experiences. Children learn the value of hard work, discipline, self-sacrifice, and teamwork. Athletic participation also helps to develop the whole person, in spirit, in mind, and in body, by competing with perseverance, self-control, and grace in defeat, humility in victory, and exemplary conduct. Children are able to apply these experiences in their learning experiences and future lives.

In addition to providing Holy Redeemer Parish children with an organized sports program where they can develop the physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills necessary to participate in various sports, the Athletic Program seeks to develop self-discipline, the spirit of cooperation, good citizenship, and the respect for rules and authority.

In addition, the Holy Redeemer Athletic Program also seeks to instill in our children, principles of justice, fair play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship within a Christian environment. In order to accomplish these objectives, it is necessary to develop and maintain a program and spirit that is based on Christian principles, discipline, and uniformity of goals.

The Holy Redeemer Athletic Program is made possible through the time and efforts of numerous volunteers who assist with administering and managing all aspects of the program, including but not limited to, organizing and registering teams for play in various leagues, locating, renting, and scheduling gym time at local gyms, coordinating field use and obtaining additional field permits where necessary, coaching, fundraising, and managing equipment and uniforms.

Over the years, many parishioners have volunteered their time as members of the Holy Redeemer Athletic Committee (HRAC), including a select number who have have served as Athletic Director’s for the Parish and in doing so have led the activities of HRAC. The HRAC and the entire parish are grateful for the time and effort that these individuals have given in an effort to serve the youth of Holy Redeemer.

Thanks for your service.