HR Basketball Update – 3rd/4th Grade (10U Rookie Division)


We are in the process of making the teams now.  We have waited as long as possible because in years past, there have been some late registrations that can skew the teams or cause us to add another one entirely. We will try to post them this weekend depending on late signups and if we can secure enough coaches (NEED FOR BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS).

*Registration – 37 BOYS (4 teams) and 35 GIRLS (4 teams) have signed up

*Need Coaches – We still need a few people to help coach before we can complete the teams!! If you are interested in coaching please let us know as soon as possible ([email protected] or [email protected]) .

*Practice Schedules – ALL 3rd/4th grade (or 10U Rookie Division as CYO calls this age group) will take place at Holy Redeemer Auditorium (HYA).  The date and time will depend on your coaches’ availability.

*Game Schedules – Games will start the first weekend of January and will be played on Saturdays or Sundays at various locations around the ADW.  CYO will post the schedules and we (HRAC) have very little control over location or game times.